When it comes to our passion, photography, we pride ourselves in providing a one-stop service that focuses on a quick turnaround time and high quality images that meet our clients’ expectations.

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Peter does not only rely on his extensive photographic experience and knowledge. That’s why he uses outstanding top of the range Nikon cameras that allow him to capture superior images under extreme lighting conditions. In addition, he also uses other equipment including a Noblex Panoramic rotating lens camera as well as a Linhoff panoramic camera. As a versatile professional photographer that covers such a wide variety of events, having enough camera bodies and lenses for all occasions is part of Peter’s quality service. With lenses ranging from a 16mm fisheye, to a super long 600mm F4 telephoto lens, you can be sure he’s able to shoot anything and everything when’s he behind the camera. . At Peter Morey photographic we shoot with cameras that use both digital technology and conventional films. Shooting on 35mm or 120mm format, we have the equipment and the expertise to comfortably make photographic enlargements up to four metres in size.

MOREY’S STORY: Being well equipped for the job One of the reasons why professional photographer Peter Morey stands out above the rest is his attention to detail. Securing a job is just the first step in the process. Making sure that everyone (including the client), knows exactly what the job entails is the next. And that includes meticulously checking that he has the correct equipment and manpower to do a successful shoot. For example, Peter says that arriving at an aerial photography shoot needing to photograph a fly past and only having a macro lens in his camera bag would be guaranteed to make the job stressful and produce poor results. Peter knows what equipment he needs because he familiarises himself with the surroundings of a particular shoot by doing a quick site visit beforehand wherever possible. This way, he can quickly establish what kind of equipment he needs to take with, what features he’ll need to focus on, and whether there are other potential maintenance situations at the venue itself that may disrupt the shoot. As a stickler for pre-planning, Peter always makes a point of preparing his equipment beforehand. It may sound obvious, but even after 28 years as a photographer, Peter always ensures all his equipment is ready to go. That means having all the lenses, fresh batteries, backup equipment and memory cards ready before he goes to a client’s event or shoot. In the photographic industry, Peter says you never know what might happen so he heeds his own advice by being prepared for anything that may not go as planned. Lastly, while photographic technology is a huge asset in Peter’s business, it sometimes lets even the most experienced professionals down when they can least expect or afford it. That is why he makes back ups without fail. As Peter says, the last thing he wants is to take hundreds of pictures for a client and then accidentally delete them without having any back ups. There’s no way to ever get them back short of retaking the entire shoot.