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Welcome to the website of Pretoria photographer Peter Morey.

This visual journey into Peter Morey Photographic will give you a good idea about where we’ve come from, what we’ve done and why our passion for award winning photography is as potent as when we started our business more than 21 years ago!

As the expert behind the lens, Pretoria photographer Peter Morey’s professional skill encompasses numerous fields including corporate, PR and event photography, sports events, aerial and architecture, VIP’s and celebrities, beauty, fashion and modelling portfolios as well as product and commercial photography.

Based in Pretoria, Gauteng, living our passion at Peter Morey Photographic goes beyond simply churning out mediocre photographs.

We are truly dedicated to interpreting the specific needs of each client to ensure we consistently capture and deliver ideal quality images on time, every time.

We never compromise our image quality or service. This means you’ll be getting unsurpassed photography coverage and client-focused service at competitive prices.

In our business, good client relationships are paramount and many of our clients have been with us for years.

One of the special clients of Pretoria photographer Peter Morey is Nelson Mandela and his family. As a preferred photographer of the Mandela family, he feels privileged to have captured the last four birthday celebrations of this beloved international icon.

Other international celebrities that this Gauteng photographer has been commissioned to capture on film while visiting South Africa include Robert de Niro, John Travolta, Charlise Theron, Michael Jackson, Liz Hurley, Hugh Jackman, Pink and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name a few.

Apart from having being appointed the official photographer at numerous prestigious events, Peter Morey’s expert eye has skilfully captured thousands of images for clients countrywide.

Gauteng photographer Peter Morey Photographic has been there, done that and got T-shirts in virtually every field of photography.With the know how to turn mundane occasions into memorable images you can be proud of, you name it, we’ll do it!

The eye-catching images showcased in our portfolio and client list speak for themselves.

We value our client connections because they are built on mutual respect, trust and professionalism. Since we understand the meaning of ‘urgent’, clients know we’ll deliver high quality photographic images on time, without fail.

With extensive media experience, Pretoria photographer Peter Morey recognises the importance of deadlines and knows what the media wants. That’s why he delivers newsworthy innovative pictures, thereby enhancing the possibility of gaining valuable media exposure for clients.

In addition to being a 100% BEE-accredited business, Gauteng photographer Peter Morey Photographic is also a certified member of the Professional Photographer’s Association of South Africa (PPSA), Nikon Professional Services and the National Press Club.

This Pretoria photographer offers several value added services including:

  • On-site photograph printing at functions
  • Cutting images to CD
  • Picture framing facilities
  • Customised albums
  • Model portfolios and
  • Emailing image services to the media with the aim of securing maximal media exposure for clients. Click here to read more about our services

The offices of Gauteng photographer Peter Morey comprise a spacious studio and professional framing facilities. This means we’re able to assemble and deliver beautiful photographic montages and frames for our clients within hours if necessary.

Opting for the cheapest option from the confusing array of photographers, or investing a little more and being assured of images you can be proud of, is not an easy decision.

So whether you need a professional photographer for a Miss World or Miss South Africa pageant, a presidential inauguration, an important corporate occasion, sport event or celebrity visit, if it’s consistent, high quality and peace of mind you’re after, if you have selected this top notch Pretoria photographer, you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place!



As one of the country’s leading event, corporate and celebrity photographers, Peter Morey has always enjoyed giving advice and guidance to aspirant and new photographers. Having spent the past 23 years channelling his professional expertise as an independent photography professional, many young photographers and photographic clubs regard him as a ‘go-to person’ to get advice on photography and running a successful business in this highly competitive industry.

Peter recently listed these top tips to assist newbie photographers starting out:

1. Find a niche or offer extra value in the market to make your pictures different, great and sought after by clients.

2. Remember you are competing with thousands of other aspirant photographers, so you need to stand out.

3. Work at establishing yourself quickly as a reliable, quality photographer that delivers on time, every time.

4. Avoid trying to be the cheapest photographer around – with so many people owning a digital camera and claiming to be a professional photographer nowadays, it’s a war you won’t win if you focus solely on price.

5. Devise a good business plan or approach so your business can be sustainable and profitable.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced photographic professional for advice if necessary.

7. Link up with fellow newbie’s in related areas such as videography, printing or framing, and explore ways of working together to jointly market your services.

8. The Internet and social media such as a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile can be very effective ways to promote yourself and your work.

9. Start off with a good professional image, which means having a good professionally designed logo, business cards and website.

10. There is nothing wrong in starting at the bottom. Don’t refuse to do certain types of pictures.

11. Lastly remember that most photographers have to work their way up and even experienced photographers sometimes have to do jobs they dislike!

"Last year I commissioned some design and editorial professionals to completely revamp my own website and I’m really proud of it now. I usually refer prospective clients as I believe a website displays the calibre of your work and shows what you are capable of,’ Peter remarks.

"Remember that you do not need to start off with an expensive website with all the bells and whistles. As long as it looks professional, showcases your best work and you regularly add new material such as images, blogs or interesting articles about photography to keep it fresh and interesting, you will be on the right track."

Light Up:

Gauteng photographer Peter Morey’s light-hearted take on being a professional photographer

So many people have misconceptions about doing photography for a living and imagine that it’s all glamour, girls and fun!

Buying a ‘mik and druk’ camera and snapping away wildly at everything that moves does not mean you’re ready to give up your day job and become a pro!

So… do you really think it’s fun waiting for hours for a shoot to happen, only for the celebrity to cancel at the last minute, or do a gruelling 15-hour outdoor shoot in the heat, and while dragging your exhausted body home, your client calls saying he wants to see all the pics first thing tomorrow?

How about waiting in the bitterly cold winter for a train to come past, only to miss the shot because a policeman shouts at you to move just five minutes before the shoot happens? Still keen? Then sure, go ahead and leap into this crazy, fantastic, mixed up, but utterly rewarding and soul-enriching career!

It may just be the best decision of your life...


SNAPSHOT introduction to Peter Morey

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Peter shares his skills with young photographers

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Moments with Nelson Mandela at his 94th Birthday - by Pretoria photographer Peter Morey

Moments with Nelson Mandela at his 94th Birthday - by Pretoria photographer Peter Morey

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